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How it Works

Reach millions of people all over the web by advertising on shared links
We provide high quality, geo-targeted website visitors

1. Sign up

Sign up for generating a tracking url from your website address and get 100 free visitors.

Share your tracking url everywhere
Forums, Facebook, Twitter etc..

For each time if someone click on your tracking url you get free campaign views.

2. Start campaign

When you start your campaign your website will be see globally around the world.

You can also target your campaign to the country you want, it means geo-targeted website visitors.

Reach millions of people all over the web by advertising on shared links.

We provide high quality, geo-targeted website visitors.

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3. Collect views

Campaign is visible as long as you have available views.

This is the best and easiest way to attract visitors.

We’ve worked hard to ensure we are the best website traffic provider you will find on the internet.


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